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Achieving Food Sustainability Through Technology, Advocacy & Commerce

Our Food Sustainability Solutions

Community Farmers Advocacy

– Resources & Guides for Efficient Farming

– Workshops for the Community farmers

– Online Webinars

– Interviews

– Community Farmers as Mentors

Market Place For Community Farmers

– Marketplace For Community Farmers

– Buy & Sell Your Community Produce

– Home Delivery at your Doorstep

– Grow Vegetables For Us & Get Paid

Technology For Community Farmers

– Know how your food is growing with our Sensor Technology

– Remote Check & Self Water Through Mobile Application

– Know the required amount of moisture, Sunlight and Temperature for your plants to grow healthy

Start Planting Health

Sow the Seedlings of the Freshest Foods.

Fresh Veggies

Grow the healthy version of your favourite vegetables.

Exotic spices

Cultivate unexpressibly tempting spices with marvellous aroma

Edible Flowers

Buy the best organic edible flowers.

Fleshy Fruits

Get the very essential nutrients that your body needs from fruits from your backyard.

Healthy Herbs

Choose from a wide range of aromatic and healthy herbs to grow in your kitchen garden.

Technology For Community Farmers


Now you can keep track of the growth of your food with the help of our sensor technology where you can remotely check your plant growing and can water through the Mobile application. Know the apt amount of Water, Sunlight, Moisture and Temperature required for growing your plant healthy.

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