Learn to grow Vegetables

Tomato Profile
Although people often argue whether tomatoes are fruits or vegetables, tomatoes are extremely versatile; they can be used in sauces, salads, and even desserts.

Tomato Planting Basics
Tomatoes come in endless varieties, but we’ll highlight the basic groups in our table below.
Carrot Profile
Carrots are a classic in North-American households and gardens.
Carrot Planting Basics
Carrots are great for growing in small or compact gardens because they grow mostly in length
Beet Profile
There are many different varieties of beets in various colours. Both the leaves and the root of this vegetable can be used for culinary purposes, making it fairly versatile.

Beet Planting Basics
Beets mature relatively fast, and are great for geographical areas with short growing seasons
Garlic Profile
As part of the onion family, the garlic head is encased in a flakey, paper-like covering that wraps around each individual clove and the entire head.

Garlic Planting Basics
Garlic is a species in the onion genus, Allium. Its close relatives include the onion, shallot, leek, chive, and Chinese onion.
Radish Planting Basics
The radish is an edible root vegetable of the family Brassicaceae that was domesticated in Asia in pre-Roman times

Radish Profile
Radishes are known for their satisfying crunch and peppery taste. This root vegetable comes in many different varieties in various colours, shapes and sizes.
Onion Profile
Onions come in many shapes in sizes, with various uses; either primarily for their bulbs or greens.

Onion Planting Basics
The onion, also known as the bulb onion or common onion, is a vegetable that is the most widely cultivated species of the genus Allium
Asparagus Profile
Asparagus is quite the atypical vegetable. It’s “foliage” are these textured spears that grow straight from the ground, connected below the soil by a large network of roots.

Asparagus Planting Basics
Asparagus takes longer than most other vegetables to become established, but once fully developed, this perennial plant can be harvested for a long time
Chard Profile
Chard is part of the beet family, and is treated similarly to spinach and asparagus for its culinary uses.

Chard Planting Basics
Chard is fairly easy to grow, and can regrow its leaves a couple of times after its the outer few are harvested.
Lettuce Profile
Some of the varieties displayed below aren’t technically part of the lettuce family, such as the curly endive and radicchio which are more related to chicory. 

Lettuce Planting Basics
Lettuce is fairly easy to grow- and regrow! Give it a little bit of sun, a good amount of water, and you’re set.
Spinach Profile
Spinach is high in vitamins and is classified as a superfood. And although many people associate spinach with lettuce, it is actually more similar to chard, beets and quinoa.

Spinach Planting Basics
Like lettuce, spinach is fairly easy to grow, and the whole plant can be cut and regrown a couple of times.